Support Services

Support for former and current boarders and their families and  as those considering boarding.
We respond to letters and enquiries, giving support but also signposting to other relevant professional bodies.
We hold an annual conference so that there is an opportunity for former boarders to find they are not alone as they  meet others who share and understand their childhood experiences .  In the morning  we  have designated speakers with specialist knowledge in the area of trauma, broken attachments, boarding schools followed by a friendly and inclusive lunch and afternoon discussion groups for attendees to share their insights and experiences.
We support research in the field of Boarding School Survivors, and respond to reaserch student’s requests to  take part in their questionaires by inviting our supporters to join in the Study. Many do so and we invite researchers to present us with their findings.

We participate in, and actively encourage, publications in the field and we  have recently published  a book on the subject of “Men’s Accounts of Boarding School:Sent Away”
We send regular newsletters updating our supporters on actions in the field of boarding schooling , news of our organisation and other topical issues.
We have a website that we regularly update with details of events and news in the field, a resource list with links to films made on the subject, book lists of text and biography  on  boarding schools and boarding school survivors.