Boarding School Survivors Workshops

Weekend workshops are run by Boarding School Survivors, founded by Nick Duffell. His team provides therapeutic help for adult ex-boarders with a programme of therapeutic workshops for adults who have recognised that they may have paid a price for their education and are looking for ways to understand and heal their wounds. These popular courses, which have been running uninterrupted since 1990, receive referrals from GPs, community organisations and counsellors, and have benefited many people by allowing them to leave aspects of their past behind and develop their true potential. Boarding School Survivors also offers private psychotherapy for individuals and couples counselling through an increasing network of specialist practitioners. See here for information and complete the contact form for more information.

Boarding School Survivors – Support is a separate organisation working on, and in parallel with, Nick Duffel’s work. As such, we do not run any courses but we do provide some bursaries to enable people to attend Nick’s workshops. The possibility of obtaining a bursary has to be discussed with Nick’s team and comes only through it.

We do host conferences and speak at other events.

We will list other relevant workshops and conferences, which organisations and people share with us, under our News and Events sections.

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