Legal services

Legal Services

Many people write to us asking what they can do about the physical emotional and /or sexual abuse they suffered at school. If you want to discuss it, we can give you signposting to specialist therapists who will talk through the issues with you.

If you want to take some action, either legally or within the schools, you can write to us and we can provide contact with someone who has developed a database of the abuse and the schools where it occurred. It helps greatly to have access to evidence that you can add to your own.

We can also give you contact details for lawyers who we know and who have a great deal of experience in boarding school related abuse.

There are also organisations working for victims of abuse. If you have been the victim of a crime, including sexual abuse at boarding school, Victim Support can help you decide your next steps. If you would like help with your criminal or civil legal options, you can contact the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.

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