Thurstine Basset talks to Anni Townend

A list of podcast providers where you can listen to this is available on Anni Townend’s LinkedIn page

ABC radio: the lasting effects of boarding school trauma

Christine Jack – author, educational historian and researcher at Charles Sturt University – is interviewed by Julian Morrow. See here.

See also follow-up article.

Joy Schaverien interviewed by Confer

The interview is part of a series entitled ‘Holding the frame and sense of connectedness during the pandemic.’

It can be viewed at here as part of Confer’s series of interviews available here.

Rupert Everett on his boarding school experience

From min 13.18 on Desert Island Discs and the Evening Standard elaborates here.

Why boarding schools produce bad leaders

Nick Duffell interviewed on Radio in New Zealand in 2019 – here

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