June 21st 2021

Boarding School Syndrome: Girls and their Bodies with Prof. Joy Schaverien. Hosted by BPA talks on counselling and psychotherapy. Details here

June 16th 2021

Joy Schaverien will speak to the Wessex Psychotherapy Society at 7.30pm. Details can be found here

Wednesday May 12th 2021

‘Mens Accounts of Boarding School’ launch on May 12.

Do join us on May 12 by clicking here

Our conference in central London was on:

Saturday November 30th 2019

Our focus for the day was on recovery from the trauma of boarding school and how that recovery can be achieved and release us, in many different ways, within our lives.

The day included talks from specialist speakers in the morning. The afternoon included two short presentations before we broke-out and chose to take part in one of three facilitated sessions.

It was a very fulfilling day with understanding and support for all, no matter where they were in relation to their boarding school experience: from those dealing with raw trauma to those who have come a long way in their recovery.